Summer Is Not Over

With kids starting back to school this week we often get the notion that summer is now over.  However, just step outside and the weather will tell you - it is still summer in good ole’ St. Louis.  With plenty of activities left to partake in before the cold weather hits, I know that one item on my to-do list is a visit to Citygarden.  Citygarden is one of BSI’s most notable projects.  And it is also one of the City of St. Louis most celebrated attractions.  All will agree that this highly-acclaimed city park and sculpture garden is a great enhancement to the City of St. Louis.

Should you choose to visit this park, you won’t be disappointed.  From dining to water activities you are sure to keep busy.  In fact, just recently I realized that food trucks will oftentimes line up along Market and 8th Street (next to the park) and offer their cuisine to park guests, residents, etc.. If food trucks aren't your thing no worries, you can also find a more “fine” dining establishment at the new Citygarden restaurant named Death in the Afternoon, which is open for lunch only.  Or if picnics are more your speed you will be happy to hear that the park is loaded with nice shady spots to park yourself and the picnic basket.   

With kids in tow you may find yourself gravitating towards the water activities.  In that case, the park is perfect!  Keeping the kiddos cool is a must during the summer months and Citygarden has quite the collection of spots for you, oh and the kids too.  The Voyage Pool, Lower Basin Pool, and Spray Plaza are all open till November 1st, weather permitting.  You will even find pool monitors any time before Labor Day. 

If your intent in visiting the garden is to learn more about its beautiful environment (various sculptures/landscape elements), then download the IPhone App.  This App gives you access to an audio tour and art index, providing guests with relevant facts pertaining to the sculptures found throughout the park.  In addition to the Citygarden App, you can also book private tours of the garden.  According to these tours will “Explore three aspects of Citygarden: the collection of sculptures, Citygarden’s design, and its landscaping.”  Some restrictions apply for these tours so be sure to see their website for more information on this topic.  

Citygarden is a project that BSI and the local community are all very proud of.  So, before you break out the parka and turn on the heat -  hit up Citygarden!