Code of Ethics

When evaluating who will be a good fit to join the BSI team, we place a high level of emphasis on intelligence, technical knowledge, and work ethic.  But the first prerequisite is Character.  All BSI associates are expected to adhere to our Code of Ethics:

  1. We are not a volume driven company.  It is better to turn a new project down due to lack of capacity than to deliver a substandard effort. 
  2. By your actions, the client should always get the distinct impression that their project is the most important (if not only) thing you are working on. 
  3. The job we already have is more important than the job we are pursuing.  Never take an existing customer for granted. 
  4. Operate with a sense of urgency.  Have the discipline and leadership to bring issues to conclusion as soon as possible. 
  5. Avoid fads and buzzwords.  Use technology and equipment effectively, but remember that they are mere tools in the delivery of our product – high quality buildings.
  6. Good processes are vital, but it is results that really count. 
  7. Do the right thing, no matter the cost.  No short term profit is worth compromising safety, the quality of our buildings, our integrity, or the bond of trust with our clients. 
  8. Problems are inevitable.  Regardless of who causes them, strive to be part of the solution.  There will be plenty of time to sort out responsibility later.
  9. Honest mistakes will happen and are forgivable, but covering up a mistake is inexcusable. 
  10. If something doesn’t look or feel right, it probably isn’t.  Whenever in doubt, bring it to your supervisor’s attention – even if it is in accordance with the plans and specifications. 
  11. Build everything as if you are going to own it.  Spend every dollar like it’s coming out of your pocket.
  12. Don’t jump to conclusions.  Get the facts first, especially those that may be uncomfortable.
  13. Contracts are necessary to ensure a clear understanding between parties.  But don’t try to hide behind convoluted contract language to avoid responsibility.  And never employ “gotcha clauses,” or try to sneak in terms on clients or subcontractors. 
  14. Never act out of anger or vindictiveness.  Be fair even when you don't feel like it. 
  15. Treat all of those with whom we associate – clients, designers, regulatory authorities, subcontractors, suppliers, coworkers – with dignity and respect.
  16. Remain positive when times are tough.  Be humble when things go well.  Show gratitude to all of those who make our success possible. 
  17. God and family come first.  But when you are at work, give it your all.  You owe it to your clients, your company, and your own self respect.