Code of Ethics

When evaluating who will be a good fit to join the BSI team, we place a high level of emphasis on intelligence, technical knowledge, and work ethic.  But the first prerequisite is Character.  All BSI associates are expected to adhere to our Code of Ethics:

  1. Do the right thing, no matter the cost. Never put expediency ahead of safety, quality, or the bond of trust with our clients and subcontractors. If you’re not sure what to do, ask your supervisor. If the response doesn’t feel right, take it up the chain of command.

  2. The current client or current project must never take a back seat to the pursuit of new opportunities.  A commitment made is a commitment kept.

  3. Listen attentively.  You can’t pursue your client’s priorities if you don’t know what they are.

  4. Strive to become the person your client goes to for guidance when a difficult situation arises.  Don’t be the type who just lays problems in the client’s lap.

  5. Build it like you’re going to own it. Don’t use the “one year warranty period” as a shield if an undetected defect shows up later.  If there is a problem with our work, make it right.

  6. Spend every dollar like it’s coming out of your own pocket.

  7. Operate with a sense of urgency.  Provide the discipline & leadership to achieve closure on open issues; do not let them linger or pile up. 

  8. Be wary of industry fads.  Be open to innovation, but only adopt new technologies when there is a payoff in terms of efficiency and/or the quality of our work. 

  9. Electronic communications and posts are forever, and easily forwarded.  Don’t write something that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.  For difficult communications, pick up the phone first.  

  10. Mistakes are inevitable. When one occurs, always inform your supervisor first. Then make sure the solution is fully and properly vetted. Be very skeptical of the “quick fix.”

  11. When a dispute arises, get all of the facts.  Until you understand the other side’s perspective, you are not ready to come to a conclusion. 

  12. Don’t try to hide from a difficult situation. And if you have bad news for someone, deliver it promptly; you’ll sleep better, and you’re more likely to achieve a better outcome.

  13. Contract terms should be concise, and should reflect a clear meeting of the minds.  Don’t employ convoluted language to gain an unfair advantage, or attempt to sneak in terms.

  14. Resilience in the face of adversity is a true mark of character. If you’re involved in a difficult project or situation, stay with it and see it through to the end

  15. Remember to show sincere gratitude to all who make our success possible.

  16. Never act out of anger or vindictiveness.  Be fair even when you don't feel like it.

  17. Treat every person you encounter in the course of business with dignity and respect.

  18. God and family come first.  But when you are at work, give it your all.