Corporate Citizenship


The award we seek is the gratitude of our client for a job well done. 

We are a very client and project focused company.  If it doesn’t help us build faster, more economically, or to a higher quality standard, then we aren’t too interested in spending a lot of time on it.  Therefore, we rarely apply for awards.  And make no mistake, the vast majority of awards involve an application process…and often a little politicking as well (no time for that either).  However, just because of the nature of the work we perform, we have picked up a few awards along the way.  But whether our client has another job down the road or not, we place no award above the loyalty we earn when we meet or exceed their expectations. 

That said, there is one award we do like to showcase because what it says about our commitment to safety.  It was an award we did not apply for but were surprised and honored to receive from our trade organization, the Associated General Contractors of St. Louis.  It was the inaugural Leadership In Safety Award (LISA) presented to BSI for our leadership in the industry, as evidenced by our admittance into the prestgious OSHA VPP program.



We take seriously our obligation to share our many blessings with those in need.  We do a significant amount of work for non-profit organizations and try to support those who put their trust in us.  But we don’t mix contributions and our services.  This can present conflicts of interest and is usually not in the best interest of the client.  We like to think that the best service we can provide for an institution is to deliver a quality building that will stand the test of time, for the lowest overall cost. 

We also believe that charity should be its own reward.  Therefore the majority of our contributions are low profile and/or anonymous.  We don’t look at charitable gifts as an opportunity for a press release.  We just think it’s something we are called to do.  So if you are a non-profit institution and need a really great building at the right price, you'd be in good company if you choose BSI.  If you need a fundraiser, that is not our expertise.


Green & LEED Buildings

We were doing Green before Green was cool.  Before there ever was a U.S. Green Building Council, BSI was a trailblazer in environmentally sensitive construction through our work for organizations like the Missouri Botanical Garden, a leading proponent of sustainable practices.  The Monsanto Research Center, which we built for the Garden in 1997, was the first building of its kind in the region and incorporated many of the criteria that would later become the basis for LEED certification.  Today BSI has several LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, and has completed LEED certified buildings for Washington University in St. Louis, Conrad Properties, and the Missouri Botanical Garden.  We are currently working with other clients on LEED certification during the preconstruction phase.  LEED certification or not, BSI has long been a proponent of sound engineering and good management practices that make sense for the building user and the environment.


MBE/WBE Outreach

Since our founding, BSI has always adhered to a strict non-discrimination policy.  In our dealings with subcontractors and suppliers, we focus on the best value for the project without regard to race or gender.  This means that we utilize minority and women owned business enterprises on our projects whether or not there are contracting goals.  However some organizations and public entities desire certain percentages of MBE/WBE firms.  With our vast experience working in urban areas, BSI has developed an excellent track record of meeting contracting percentage targets in a fair and straightforward manner.  And when it makes sense for the client and/or project, BSI has effectively formed partnering agreements with emerging firms.  BSI’s commitment in this area extends beyond the day to day business decisions with BSI President Paul Shaughnessy serving as a charter member of the Associated General Contractors Diversity Committee, and also as Chairman of the Board of Education for the Construction Careers Charter High School which was founded as a means of giving urban youth a path to a career in the construction industry.