St. Louis Art Museum's Sculpture Garden To Open Friday


Set to open to the public this Friday, June 26th, is the St. Louis Art Museum's newest addition - The Sculpture Garden. Described by The St. Louis Art Museum, "This outdoor gallery showcases a strong, international collection of 20th century and contemporary architecture.  The design also consists of walking paths and more than 400 new trees."  

Completed by BSI, this amazing addition to the museum beautifully blends both landscape design and art.  The incredible plantings are strategically positioned to serve as an artistic element, while also providing a "park-like" environment. Numerous sculptures and statues can be found throughout the garden, along with socles (low walls around the sculptures), which provide guests a place to admire and discuss the exquisite pieces.  

This project continues to showcase BSI's adept ability to successful meet the needs of our park/landscape/garden clients.  We are considered the pre-eminent contractor in St. Louis on landscape and park projects and will continue to uphold this reputation for the many years to come.

Click here for a video talking about the Sculpture Garden.