Project Spotlight - Great Circle

In 2014, BSI led the construction efforts on the expansion and renovation at Great Circle: a behavioral health care organization that provides treatment services to children with serious emotional and behavioral disorders.  Their support and educational assistance throughout the community continues to provide positive impacts both in the classroom and out.  Enrollment continues to increase at a steady rate, thus making the need for improvements and enhancements to the campus that much more critical.  

This project involved many moving parts including a complete renovation to the institution’s existing 26,000 square foot building and inner courtyard; remodeling and upgrading to the dining hall; and transformation to the residential cottage.  A new 15,000 square foot classroom building was also added onto the site.  Project safety was of the utmost importance and BSI took all necessary steps to ensure that staff, administration, and most importantly student safety was upheld throughout the duration of the project (i.e., orientation meeting, identification badges, proper site enclosures, etc..).    

Some of the project highlights include a new HVAC system, new commercial grade kitchen equipment (to meet the needs of increasing student population), and new storm sewers, a detention basin, and a bio swale - all installed to accommodate the reconfiguration of the campus.  Major underground utility relocations took place for the new classroom addition as well as existing underground water, electrical, and gas services all had to be relocated due to the changes in the campus’ layout. 


Photos courtesy of Christner and Photographer John Langholz