Who We Are...and Aren't

We are a “Hands On” Builder...That knows how things go together in the field.  We emphasize technical construction know-how and the ability to self perform work when it suits the project.  We believe that effective construction management is more than just adding up numbers and running meetings. 

We aren't Litigious...In business since 1972, completed over 1,100 projects, and we’ve never sued, nor been sued by, a Client or Architect.  That’s pretty rare in our industry, but a key indicator of how we run our business and honor our commitments.

We are a Quality Focused Contractor...We never lose sight of the fact of what the client is really buying is a structure that is going to serve them many years.  We are proud that BSI is often the choice of smart construction buyers when quality really counts.

We aren't Volume Driven...We truly don't care about the trend in our gross revenues.  We will only take on work that we know can handle with proven BSI project team members.

We are a Lean Operation...We can't stand waste, whether it's the inefficient use of materials & labor, or bloated project staffing. We are driven by a hunger for efficiency, cost control, and the minimization of bureaucracy.

We aren't a Sales Focused Organization...The construction sales cycle, unfortunately, all too often devolves into saying whatever it takes to get the job. We'd rather not be awarded a job, than secure it under false pretenses.

We are happy to be Judged on our Results...To borrow a slogan "An educated consumer is our best customer."  Prospective clients who really do their homework, and check numerous references as to how their contractor performed "after the sale" often choose BSI. 

We aren't going to Compromise our Integrity...Our word is our bond.  We won't promise something we can't deliver.  And we won't bend principles for the sake of financial gain.

We are here for the Long Haul...by maintaining financial strength that well exceeds industry averages so we can back up our commitments.  We don't hide behind warranty expiration periods if mistakes are found.  We plan to be around for a long time, and never lose sight of that for the sake of short term expediency.