The Laumeier Sculpture Park Project

Located just at the edge of St. Louis County, this open-air sculpture park sits on 105 acres and features contemporary art throughout.  Established in 1968, this top St. Louis attraction welcomes about 300,000 visitors each year, and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.  Throughout the park's history significant strides have been made to continue to improve, grow, and enhance the museum's artwork, offices, studios, classrooms, visitor's center, etc.  Considering the potential for continued park earnings and other benefits, the park decided to embark on the construction of a new building - one that would provide not only revenue for this free attraction (the park itself), but also support spaces and housing for all indoor artwork.  With construction set to take place at the new Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center, park officials also chose to continue with transformation efforts by reconstructing the Estate House - converting it into the new Kranzberg Education Lab.

BSI was commissioned in 2014 for the renovation of the Estate House and construction of the Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center.  The 7,500 square foot fine arts center features support spaces, a catering kitchen, gallery to display all indoor artwork, and an area to hold all events.  Within the new Kranzberg Education Lab, guests can enjoy a new visitor's center, painting studio, clay studio, media rooms, and multi-purpose classrooms.